A treasure house safeguarded over time.

Grassy’s Clocks and Watches Museum was opened in 1953. The collection put together by Alexandre Grassy, founder of the firm and passionate about the different ways of measuring time, is displayed here.  It is the result of constant work over the course of time.

Some of the timepieces come from the collection of Francisco Pérez de Olaguer-Felíu. They are mainly French, as well as English and German. The rest are different examples from the most varied places.

The history of mechanical clock and watch-making is related here in one way or another, from the 16th century with iron mechanisms to the Empire-style clocks and watches of the 19th century. All of them are objects produced by art and by technique, and all are “living clocks or watches” – i.e., in full operation or ready for operation.

Visiting hours:
Thursdays at 17:30 h.
Fridays at 11:45 h.
All visits take place on request to telephone 91 532 1007.


Museo de Relojes Antiguos. Gran Vía, 1. Madrid